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One of the propelled courses is a Hifz Quran Course. In this course, the student remembers the whole Quran. Allah guarantees a great deal of remuneration for a Muslim who learns it by heart. The Muslim subsequent to remembering gets the title of Hafiz. It is a desire of numerous Muslims to retain the Holy Book. It is our Holy book and it is a wellspring of direction for us as well. A large number of us, in this way, learn it to get the advantage in this world as well as on the planet in the future. The haafiz (the individual who has remembered the Quran) ought not to have any aim of increasing common advantages by retaining the Quran, on the grounds that his remembrance thereof isn’t an item to be exchanged within this world, rather it is a demonstration of love which is accomplished for his Lord.

• He takes precedence over others in leading the prayer.
• He is placed in front of others in common grave, closer to qiblah, if essential to bury him with others.
• The status of the one who memorizes the Quran will be commensurate with the last ayat he memorized.
• He will be with the angels, accompanying them.
• He will be given a crown of honor and a garment of honor to wear.
• The Quran will intercede for him with his Lord.

Aims & Objectives:

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You should have following mention things to have our classes:

* Computer or Laptop
* DSL/Broadband Connection
* Headphone/Speakers
* Microphone

For visual contact you will need to have net-meeting software and for audio contact telephony software. You may download these software from internet free of cost. Our engineering team will assist you in this regard.

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