How To Pray Namaz (Men)

How To Pray Namaz | How Men Pray Salaat in Islam

Learn “How to Pray Namaz” in perfect way. The Prayer (Namaz/Salat) is the best worship of Allah. The Muslims around the world pray Namaz five times a day. This is a reward on the Muslims by Allah. Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. Namaz, Prayer or Salat, is the most important part of the Islam. Learning how to pray Namaz is an important step in the religious observance of a Muslim. Understand the importance associated with Namaz, the schedule which should be observed in regards to the prayer, and appropriate positions in which to perform Namaz so you can participate in the prayer.

It is mandatory for all Muslims to put forth attempt for understanding the implications of recitation words in Namaz as it will assist us with concentrating much better for getting benefits impeccably like we see Allah before us or he sees us remaining before him in light of the fact that during Salaat, Muslims meet their God 5 times each day so in the event that we comprehend what we are stating in Namaz, it will empower us to feel considerably more modest and converse with the Master of Universe in modesty.

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