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Thanks to Allah, Easywaytoquran.com Academy has become one of the starters of Online Quran classes in the world now. Today we provides many Quran and Islamic courses for kids and adults that make active use of technologies. Such as Zoom and Skype to Learn Quran Online from the comfort of your home and to spread online Islamic learning among all people. We welcome you to Online Quran teaching services where we are offering multiple Quran courses. Thousands of individuals have learned to read Quran with our online Quran classes service all over the world. We urged to all our Islamic brothers and sisters to take admission in this online Quran academy and learn to read Quran properly. Being a Muslim, it is our religious duty that we should not only recite Quran but also try to understand every word of it and if you are one of them who are unable to recite Quran properly then take admission in this online Quran teaching service and enlighten your heart with the sacred holy book of Almighty. 

Best value:
Easywaytoquran.com offer the best suitable learning courses for each student. Each courses is based on the chosen study plan.

Expert Tutors:
We have expert Male and Female tutors who are fluent in both Arabic and English. Majority of out teachers are Graduated from prestigious Islamic universities.

24/7 Support:
Schedule your Quran classes when it works for you!. Please, feel free to text our via the floating Live Chat icon if you have any inquiry.

1 on 1 Classes:
We offer live Quran 1 on 1 classes are set up one to one interactive classes to help you and your family learn Quran, Arabic and Islam online from male and female expert Quran Tutors.

Flexible Timings:
We are online 24/7 so; Muslims from all around the world can select online Quran classes timing as per their conformity and availability.

3 Days Free Trial:
We have many years of experience in online Quran teaching, we value our clients and that’s why we offer a free trial of 3-days so you can evaluate our teaching skills.

What Will You Learn?

Easywaytoquran.com Academy is an International Islamic school for providing online Quran Tutoring services that helps you and your kids to learn to read the holy Quran with Tajweed in one-to-one live interactive Quran classes with Male and Female online Quran tutors. Thousands of students have learned the holy Quran online all over the World. It works with students of all ages ranging from 4 to 70 years. All you need is a computer with headphone and internet connection.

We have been providing online Quran tutoring service since 2015 and have taught a lot number of students all over the World including USA , Canada , UK , Australia , Netherlands , Ireland and other countries .Main source of our advertising is our students who recommend their friends and relatives to our organization. In our online Quran classes, you will learn:

• Quran with correct pronunciation.
• Rules of Tajweed.
• Improve the speed in Quran perusing alongside tarteel and tajweed.

What Do We Offer?

Learn Quran with Tajweed course that we offer will expand your familiarity with perusing. It doesn’t imply that you will begin perusing quick yet it likewise implies that you will peruse precisely. This course will make the recitation simple for each understudy. This is a gigantic advantage that our course offers.

This course will grow more trust in understudies and they will most likely recount the sections like master reciters. In this way, on the off chance that you need to create certainty and become a decent reciter, you have to learn Qirat Quran with Tajweed with us. “

Encouraging youngsters to figure out how to build up their recitation abilities is the most energizing, and the pleasant piece for guardians’ entire life. Figuring out how to peruse the Arabic of the Koran is anything but a ‘characteristic’ process that happens all individually. It’s a precarious procedure that requires the best possible instructing of certain guidelines, aptitudes, and systems. So we show this to Muslims everywhere throughout the world. At the outset, it is very testing to become familiar with the guidelines, however, we can enable you to defeat your troubles.

We show kids in all respects cautiously and comprehend that we should make the learning procedure charming for children to persuade them. To start with, understudies, as a rule, feel energy and enthusiasm to learn on the off chance that they discover the exercises troublesome, they feel overpowered and surrender rapidly. They may feel disappointment so we see every one of these things and endeavor to make exercises fascinating particularly for children.

Try not to pass up on the chance that we are putting forth you to learn Quran with Tajweed. Register Now.

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