Dear Islamic brothers, there is a beautiful and easy method of nurturing kids which if applied within every home and implemented by the elders of the house or guardians, then by the mercy of Allah Almighty it is hoped that our children will learn to say ‘Allah Allah Allah’ from a young age, they will recite Na’at and recite Durood and Salam. Through the blessings of adopting this method, along with nurturing children, the blessings of Sunnah will flourish in every household. By the blessing of following this method, every house will become a peaceful place. By the blessing of adopting this method, afflictions and calamities will depart from the house. The devotees of Rasool are probably thinking, what is that method which if adopted will lead to all these blessings? 

I have faith in Allah and His Angels, His Books and His Messengers, and the Day of Judgement and that all good and evil and fate is from Almighty Allah and it is sure that there will be resurrection after death.

A Muslim believes in all prophets of ALLAH. The teachings of other prophets have been distorted and forgotten by the people but the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (ALLAH may bless his soul) are known in details.

A true Muslim follows the Prophet Muhammad (ALLAH's blessings be upon him) in his doings.
A Muslim believes that every thing comes from ALLAH through our Prophet.
A Muslim believes in his life after death. He will be raised from the grave on the Day of Judgments. Every man and woman will have to stand before ALLAH for accountability. Every one will be asked about what he or she has done in worldly life of the world.

The good Muslim will be reward and go the paradise forever.
The wicked person will be punished and go to hell forever.


Amantu Billahi Kama Huwa Bi Asmaihi Wa Sifatihi Wa Qubiltu Jamia Ahkamihi Wa Arkanihi.


“I have believed in Allah as he is always with His qualities and names. And as a result believed all of His instructions, rules, and regulations.”


Iman means faith. To believe in the six terms of faith that are called Arkan-ul-Islam. The meaning of Mujmal is briefly features of Faith. To admire all these features off in brief is known as Eman e Mujmal.

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