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The holy Quran is the book of Allah and articulations of Allah Almighty are formed into it. All Muslims rush to educate the Quran to their children at little age with the objective that they may understand how to learn Quran for kids. Additionally, this is the best age for our youngsters to take the Quran classes on the web or locally as at this age they get every statement of Quran into their brain and heart. They can learn and remember it effortlessly. We send our kids to mosque or to Imam’s house for learning purpose. Some people like to take online Quran classes for children due to their busy life and jobs. Learn Quran with Tajweed for kids are a much viable and priceless as eye to eye learning. Children can remember the Holy Quran and get familiar with the masnoon Dua too. You can screen your youngsters and the Quran educator and judge the learning methods as well. So you remain at home, spare time and appreciate the online Quran classes for your kids.

Who Can Join our Classes?:

Regardless of the way that we are focused more towards online Quran classes for kids yet our organizations are accessible to all ages. Educating Kids has been our fundamental fixation as this is the prime age when your cerebrum is the most receptive to receive new stuff. You hear youngsters age 12 years holding the whole Quran in two or three years, time. Regardless, you presumably won’t hear that someone of 30 or 40 years become Hafiz of the Quran. Likewise, it is basic for your youngsters to get comfortable with the thoughts of Tajweed in their young age. When they can adjust successfully it remains with them for an amazing update. They can even demonstrate their youths themselves without requiring any external help.:

Why Us?

Alhamdulillah, we have Hafiz e Quran Teachers teaching hundreds of students from all over the world. All our Quran teachers are highly trained to teach students from age 4 to any. We have female quran teachers for female students. The teachers can speak English, Arabic, Urdu. We always emphasize the teachers to start the classes on time and end on time, and we make it sure in our supervision. All our tutors are thoroughly scrutinized before we hire them. After successfully hiring tutors, they go through training in which they are trained how to teach online and make the class interactive. Quran Teachers are specially trained to handle the kids. We have made these classes so exciting that the kids come online on Skype / Zoom on time; parents don’t have to ask them to go online for the class.

We have committed and proficient teachers which are reliable feel their obligation to show the Quran as well as the right methods of reading the Quran. Our teachers hold a master degree which makes them perfect candidates for teaching. Quran reading is main obligation in Islam. He also has to learn some Surah’s by heart so that he could recite them while saying prayer. Moreover, Quran reading also leads to moral purification of Muslim. It guides all mankind to make good deeds and avoid all types of wrongs. It gives the lesson of justice and fraternity. In short, Quran provides all the guidance which humanity needs. It is all about Quran reading for kids. Hence, Quran reading is necessary for all those who want to live a very successful, disciplined and balanced life.

Benefits of Quran Reading:

We take responsibility for good results. We take you step by step with your children at the highest level to learn to read the Quran online with tajweed. The comfort of home and your selected timings, supervision of parents and guidance of expert Quran Tutorsmakes online Quran learning a lot easier. Therefore you can rely on us.

* 3 days free trial classes
* Your desired timings & days
* Tajweed Quran word by word
* Female Quran Teachers for kids and women
* Monthly assessment of children progress
* Fluent English speaking male and female Quran teachers
* Student Web portal for lessons and learning material

Course We Provide:

We provide Online Quran tutors (Qaarias / Qari’s) to teach Quran to students of all ages. Learn Quran with Tajweed online at home. Our trained Quran teachers provide best training of Quran with tajweed. Online Quran lessons are designed to teach recitation of Quran in minimum time. Choose any time for your class as per your convenience to attend our specially designed online Quran courses from below. Submit the query and our team will contact you within 24 hours or contact us by Phone / Email / Skype.

* Noorani Qaida For beginners
* Quran reading with Tajweed
* Hifz Quran / Quran Memorization
* Quran Translation and Tafseer
* Tajweed and Tarteel Course
* Basic Islamic education
* Daily Supplications
* Arabic Course

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